Next Week…

Monday 20th February is beginning of a huge week for Devon Sharks. Through the winter we have put lots of plans in place to build on the existing legacy of Devon Sharks and the focus on the next generation of rugby league players.

The Directors of Devon Sharks are understandably nervous as there are some many uncertainties going into next week. The biggest decision is out of our hands, we wait to hear if we have been successful in our application to the West of England.

The last two seasons have seen the Sharks travel to every single away game without fail and we are ready for the next challenge. This would be the first time the Sharks have competed outside of the South West Men’s League.

Take a look at our Twitter campaign and visit Sharpy The Shark on Facebook where we have been posting facts about 2016 and why we are ready for the move in leagues.

What we are certain of, the current board and players are committed to playing rugby league wherever we can and are willing to travel as far as Oxford if we need to. Devon Sharks are coming whatever happens!

Wish us Good luck!