England Talent Pathway

Devon Sharks are working with the RFL to bring England Talent Pathway to Devon, we are looking for schools in Devon to register for the scheme so that we can bring through more Rugby League players with the skills they can use in both codes if they wanted to.

England Talent Pathway is a program of coach development and player development days in non-selective environments, which aims to develop all talent within the age groups of U12-U14s. The aim is to grow a greater pool of talent to improve standards and develop potential England players.

It is a starting point, which answers the question; to make my players better what should I be doing?

This will lead to:

Improved quality of the player

Leave the player in their own environment longer – increased inclusivity

More players getting more opportunities to demonstrate their potential

Regular focused, player profiling.

In order to design this age specific curriculum, many leading coaches and youth specialists were consulted. This is also underpinned by cutting edge research as what attributes need to be developed by young players as they move along the talent pathway

England Talent Pathway (ETP) has an accreditation system.

The aim is to “kitemark” those professional clubs, community clubs and schools working in partnership with England Rugby League to develop to talent base for U12s to U14s.

It also enables coaches, parents, teachers and players/students to know who is delivering the Player Pathway. Successful applications will receive a certificate to display on club/school premises and a jpeg they can use on websites and headed paper etc… It is the aim of accreditation for those with it to use it for recruitment and as a good practice indication.

There are three categories;

Professional Clubs who deliver ETP to the Community Game are eligible for the title of; England Rugby League Player Development Partner

Community Clubs who engage in ETP and deliver it to their players and support their coaches are eligible for the title of; England Rugby League Player Development Club

Schools that deliver ETP as part of either their curriculum or extra-curricular offer, are eligible for the title of; England Rugby League Player Development School To apply for accreditation there are three simple steps;

1; Make sure that your staff have attended ETP training days. Club/School staff must have either attended or be booked onto forthcoming CPD.

2; Complete the relevant form, available via this website.

3; Attach the list of players/students engaged, or for professional clubs, the Community Clubs engaged.

These two documents are then e-mailed to Tony.Fretwell@rfl.uk.com or Anthony.Atherton@rfl.uk.com There are no “windows” for applications. They can be sent at any time and are valid for 12 months before the forms need resending.

Accreditations remain the property of the RFL and can be withdrawn at any time. They are also subject to minimum standards being adhered to with other areas of the RFL.

Website for all details is available at